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Structured cabling

A smart infrastructure to connect your business systems and technologies together.

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Security, optimization, file sharing, VPNs and rules management. A fast and resilient network is essential.

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Provide your team and clients with a fast, robust, high bandwidth and secure wifi network.

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Advanced Telephony

Multi-sites, telework, auto attendant, conference calls, integrations, call center, and much more.

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Video Conferencing

Equip your business with a complete video conferencing solution that simply works when you need it.

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Audio solutions

Intercoms, ambiance music, audio for showrooms and training rooms, and sound masking systems.

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Access Control

Secure access to your company premises. Authanticate and log employees and visitors using access cards and biometry.

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Video Surveillance

Prevent theft and infractions, monitor foot traffic and occupancy, and benefit from assisted stock management.

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Customer Experience

Engage your customers in a personalized experience including targeted advertising and smart wayfinding.

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